Ask Hank: Sweat-Throwing Elbows

Dear Hank,

When I run I sweat. When I sweat I don’t sweat just a little bit. I look like I climbed out of the ocean about 5 minutes in to any run. And when I pass people, my elbows spray sweat.

I’ve become slightly embarrassed by this. Suggestions?

Hot and sweaty,



Dear James,

Elbow-spraying sweat on people does sound less than awesome. I imagine slowing down to keep from spraying people with your drenched elbows isn’t an option either because then you won’t pass them at all.

You are in a bit of a conundrum.

If you want to better identify with the people you’re irritating with your sweat you could go and roll around in some poison ivy. Then when you sweat it will irritate you just as much as everyone you pass. Bam. Just like that I’ve solved your problem.

Don’t be embarrassed. Be in sympathetic pain.



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