Ask Hank: The mountain asshole

Dear Hank,

I live within just a few minutes of several mountain trails. All are on different mountains, and all are very different in terms of scenery, climb, etc… But all three are relatively packed with mountain bikers.

Bikers are supposed to yield to the hikers and runners and so when they’re flying down a mountain towards me I’ll just stay on the path and wait for them to slam on their brakes and pull over. Who cares that there is poison ivy lining the path, that’s their problem.

And then yesterday I went for a hike on one of these trails with my wife and she was frustrated with me for never getting out of the way. Then it occurred to me…. do I turn in to an asshole when I’m on a mountain?


Insecure and Probably a Jackass


Dear Insecure and Probably a Jackass,

You never move out of anyone’s way? Yeah, you’re the jackass asshole.

Sorry I couldn’t give you better news.


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